Pondering Faith

Review: Rediscovering Christianity by Vincent Donovan

Vincent Donovan’s book, Rediscovering Christianity is a must read for any Christian that is concerned about Evangelism today. Donovan records his struggle to take the Gospel to the Masai tribe in Africa. He is forced to think of evangelism in new ways. His failures and successes are guaranteed to make you reevaluate your approach to evangelism. If used in a group setting, this will provoke great discussion and a reframing of the view of evangelism in American churches. It will change the way you do evangelism in your community and the world.


Welcome to Church and tea! My name is Dan. I am the Director of Congregational Vitality for the Alabama-West Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church. This is where I do some reflecting out loud, usually over a glass of sweet tea. Feel free to pour yourself a glass and join me!


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