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Boys with Toys

A couple of posts ago, I wrote about how things have changed even from when I was little. I thought I would share an example: our Wii. Thanks to Santa, this Christmas, our household joined the millions of other Wii owners. Wii is the latest video game system from Nintendo and it has become so popular, that Cindy’s mother reports that some of her first graders spell we as wii.

The Wii is a little different than other video game systems because the system knows when you move the controller. So, if you are playing baseball, you can pretend that your controller is a baseball bat, and actually swing at the ball. Same goes for golf. It certainly makes the video game a more interactive experience, and it turns out to be fun for the whole family.

On New Year’s Day, Cindy’s parents and grandfather came to spend the day. Cindy’s father and grandfather tried out Wii Golf:

This is pretty good form. Maybe a little wider stance 🙂

I was not surprised that Cindy’s dad tried the Wii. I was surprised that Cindy’s grandfather gave it a whirl. He did pretty good, too! I hope that I am still willing to try new things when I have great grandchildren trying to show me their latest gizmos!

Pawpaw could get into this!


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