Pondering Faith

Team Leader meeting this morning and then a regular office day.

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Email Etiquette: One Subject

It is better email etiquette to receive three emails regarding three different subjects than one email containing three subjects. In other words, please limit one topic per email.

Dan's Status Updates

WED, APR 29, 2020

Checking in with a New Church that may repurpose a closed church. Then meeting to reimagine the Transformation Journey ministry for post-corona.

TUE, APR 28, 2020

Conference Staff Leadership Team this morning. Exploring purchase of a building for a church start. Connectional Table Meeting tonight.

Catching Up

In the office today, catching up. Since my last update, I have been exploring a multi-site launch in Northern Piedmont and getting ready for Annual Conference.

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Beautiful Gardens

I have to admit that I often skim and flip through the 17th chapter of Isaiah because it is part of a long and often repetitive list of judgment oracles that spans several chapters. In my reading today, however, I...

Daniel and Baseball

Daniel naturally excels at many things. Baseball is not one of them, and is one of the first things that he has really struggled with. It has been an interesting journey to see how he would deal with a new challenge...